Vecchio Ristorante Mondo


   Charcuterie et fromage – imported meats, cheeses and olives, bread                                                      15

   Brie en croute – baked brie in a puff pastry with bread, pears, apples                                                    14

   Pungente portobello stuffed with bread crumbs, nettle pesto, cheese on arugula                           8

   Prosciutto crudo asparagus wrapped with prosciutto, pecorino                                                              8

  Soupe du jour – sixteen vegetables and legumes                                                                  Cup        5     Bowl     9


   Insalata di parma chopped salad with meats, cheeses, vegetables, Balsamic vinaigrette             14

  Insalata Caprese – heirloom tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, pesto            14

   Salade de coin romaine wedge, bacon, gorgonzola, blue cheese dressing                                        9

 Salade de Steak– flank steak, potatoes, blue cheese, mixed greens, French vinaigrette                                  16

   Salade petite – side salad of mixed greens, choice of dressing                                                                     3


Pastasserved with bread

   Ravioli di formaggio – house made & stuffed with pecorino, chevre & ricotta, Pomodoro sauce   15

   Ravioli di spinaci – house made with goat cheese, sundried tomato, pine nuts in a pink sauce 17

   Tagliatelle alla Bolognese * – hand cut pasta, traditional beef and pork Bolognese, parmesan       17

   Tagliatelle con funghi * – hand cut pasta, chicken, wild mushrooms, gorgonzola cream                    18

   Lasange di Mason – hand cut pasta, Bolognese, spinach, ricotta, smoked mozzarella, parmesan              18

   Tagliatelle polpette di cinghiale – hand cut pasta, wild boar meatballs, Pomodoro sauce                                 19

                           * also available with Gluten Free pasta                                               add             2


   Agneau de printemps - spring rack of lamb, puree of parsnip, vegetable                                                               24

   Poitrine de canard – seared duck breast, apricot balsamic reduction, puree of parsnip             22

   Côtelette de porc – pork chops, cornichons, onions, apples, Dijon, puree of parsnip, vegetable             22



Asparagus6     Vegetable au gratin7       Bread   3